Our Studio

At Rocket Cycle, we strive to provide our riders with a purposeful and memorable workout experience. We prioritize love, strength and positivity to ensure everyone leaves our studio inspired and ready to face their day!

Our instructors promise a unique and spirited ride, combining intense cardio and strength training for an immersive experience. Rocket Cycle welcomes ALL riders. When you walk through our doors you’re part of the family, regardless of your age or fitness level! We’re a community of passionate riders and wellness enthusiasts that ride together and support one another when the music starts!

We think spin. We live spin. We are spin.


Dana & Rory are proof that friendship really can last forever. The dynamic duo first met 25 years ago and they’ve been supporting and pushing each other ever since. Dana spent many years taking Rory’s fitness classes as he found celebrity in the Toronto fitness community. Dana was always inspired by Rory’s passion and zest for life, which only strengthened her own dreams of spreading positivity.

Years later, Dana and Rory found themselves working at the same fitness facility. Their compatibility was electric, and their potential impossible to deny. They partnered together and opened Rocket Cycle in 2014, and they have dedicated their lives to encourage strength, love and happiness in the hearts of riders from all over!

Rocket Cycle was built out of love and has a pulse unlike any other; an energy that inspires and sticks with you long after you leave the studio. Our team is dedicated to each and every rider’s fitness journey, ensuring a positive experience for all. Located in the heart of Toronto, Rocket Cycle always feels like home. Join the family, ride with us and make it your happy place!

Howard Rocket is an absolute inspiration! Years ago, Howard suffered a massive stroke from a head injury during a game of pick-up football. He was left completely paralyzed on his left side. Despite the odds, Howard fought for his life and as a result became the heart and soul of Rocket Cycle.

His optimism, charm, will and strength was a force of nature, inspiring Dana never to give up. It was his attitude towards life that ultimately opened the doors to Rocket Cycle and built an incredible, warm, beautiful community.

Now, you can find Howard at the studio 6 days a week, on a special recumbent bike where he rides alongside Dana as she takes the world by storm. Howard is devoted to living life to the full, and sharing his message of hope and determination. Ride with us and experience the magic yourself! 

First Time Riders

What to know before your ride:

  • Please arrive 10-15 min before your class begins so we can better assist you.
  • Rocket provides spin shoes (spd clips required)
  • Weights provided on bike (3, 5, & 8 lbs) available
  • Towels for your bike are provided
  • Bring your bottles- water bar available
  • Showers with complimentary amenities are provided to get you ready for your day.


  • Shower facilities
  • Towel service
  • Complimentary spin shoes
  • Filtered water station
  • Complimentary blow dryers
  • Hair ties and ear plugs
  • Secured locker storage
  • Complimentary toiletries
  • Sweat bags

Class Types

A 50 minute, high energy ride, set to the baddest beats and guided by our instructors. A full body exercise that will push your limits and encourage you to be your best. Our 25 minute strength and 25 minute spin class will provide you with a well-rounded and invigorating workout through high intensity cardio combined with strength training. This workout includes mat, weights and bands.

“A 50 minute, high energy ride, set to the baddest beats and guided by our instructors. A full body exercise that will push your limits and encourage you to be your best”
Each 50-minute, high-intensity ride blends athletic performance with motivating rhythm

“Our 25 minute strength and 25 minute spin class will provide you with a well-rounded and invigorating workout through high intensity cardio combined with strength training. 25 minutes on the bike & 25 minutes off the bike.
This workout includes mat, weights and bands.”

Vibe rides are more electronic, more sprints, letting yourself get lost to the beat of the music.
The perfect after work sweat and unwind kind of workout!!

A 50 minute ride where we will focus on a different body group each time. Pair that with lots of sprints and hills and you’ll end feeling all POWERED UP!


Our classes are a chance to disconnect from the outside world for 50 minutes. For that reason, we ask that you leave your cellphones and other electronics in your locker or at the front desk. If you’re expecting an important call, let one of our front desk staff know and we’ll come get you if your phone rings!

We love socializing before and after class, but talking to your neighbours during class can be distracting to other riders. That being said, we love when you bring your energy to class, so sing and cheer your heart out all class long!

Smart Watch Users
If you ride with a Smart Watch please make sure it is set to theatre mode so it does not to illuminate during class.


Late Arrivals

We understand that life gets crazy and late arrivals happen. If you arrive after class has begun, one of our team members will happily help you to your bike.
However, safety and respect are top priority at Rocket Cycle so we only allow riders to enter the room after the warm up song. After that time, all late arrivals will not be permitted into class.

Last Minute Bookings
If you book a bike online 5-10 minutes before class starts, we cannot guarantee that the bike you booked will still be available as we start allotting bikes to walk-in riders at this time. But we will try our absolute best to get you on a bike as soon as you walk in!

Late Cancellations
Our classes book up fast and often days ahead of time! If you are signed up for a class that you can no longer commit to, you must cancel your booking 12 hours prior to class in order for your class credit to be returned to your account. Any booking cancelled after the 12 hour window will be considered a late cancel unless it’s a medical emergency and it’s accompanied by a doctors note.

Our busiest classes often fill up days in advance, but if you’re counting on getting into a class that’s already full, you can always add yourself to our waitlist. The waitlist will automatically add riders into the class as bikes open up throughout the week, and if you’re added to the class you will receive a text and/or email to confirm your spot. However, the waitlist will lock 12 hours prior to the start of class, so if you haven’t gotten in by that time, feel free to give us a call at the studio or check online to see if a bike opens up before the class. Otherwise, stop by in person as a walk-in—we always do our best to get every rider a bike!

While we can’t always guarantee a spot, especially during our busiest classes, we always encourage anyone who hasn’t booked a bike to come into the studio as a walk-in. The walk-in list operates on a first come, first serve basis; 5-10 minutes before class starts, bikes will be reallocated to walk-ins in order of arrival and one of our team members will assist you to your bike. Spin away!

Class and Package Purchases
We offer a variety of packages available for purchase online, in the studio, or over the phone with our front desk staff. Each package comes with an expiration date, so please take your schedule and how often you ride into consideration when purchasing as classes and packages are non-refundable and non-transferrable.

Sign In
When you arrive, one of our team members will greet you and sign you in. It’s important to sign in under your own name, for safety purposes as per our policy. Besides, we always make an effort to get to know you – it starts with knowing your name!

Student Packages
Rocket Cycle is home to riders of all ages! For students, we offer packages that are available for purchase in person only for students 21 and under with valid student identification. Stay in school, kids!

Instructor Changes
While we understand that everyone has their favourite instructor, Rocket Cycle reserves the right to change instructors at its discretion. Don’t worry though—all of our instructors will have you sweating in no time!