1. When making a reservation at ROCKET CYCLE, you must create a profile on-line in order to buy individual rides or packages of Rocket Rides.  ROCKET CYCLE values your privacy and will never share telephone numbers, email addresses, or personal data with third parties.


2. To create your profile on line, please follow the steps below:

  1. Go to rocketcycle.ca
  2. Locate “client log in”
  3. Complete “new to our site” and fill in all your contact information
  4. Select “create account”


3. Single classes and packages have a one-year expiry from the date of purchase and are not eligible to be shared or transferred. We accept Visa, MasterCard, AMEX or debit. Cash payments may only be made in person at ROCKET CYCLE.


4. Student packages are available for purchase in person only at ROCKET CYCLE for students 21 and under with valid student identification.


5. Classes can be reserved online up to 10 days in advance and continue on a rolling day cycle.

6. If you are on a wait list you must call or email the studio to know your current ranking. When you are added into a class through our wait list system you will then occupy a cancelled bike. We will notify you by email if you have been entered into a class, and will be notified of your bike number when you arrive at the studio.


7. Class instructors are subject to change.


8. Cancellation Policy - Your reservation must be canceled 12 hours prior to the scheduled class time. If you do not cancel within this time period, a ride will be deducted from your package.  

9. All class packages are non-refundable. 

10. For all emails sent to info@rocketcycle.ca please expect a 24 hour response time. We do not accept voicemails on our studio landline.

11. If a class is owing or there is a negative balance on client accounts, ROCKET CYCLE reserves the right to charge the credit card on file. 

ROCKET CYCLE reserves the right to refuse service and terminate memberships at its sole discretion.