We are Toronto’s #1 rated spinning facility by BlogTO...

...offering the most advanced equipment, cutting edge instruction and state of the art sound system. Our spinning instructors ensure that every class combines intense cardio, strength training and challenges that allow you to reach for triumph and feel victory when it's done.

Come and ride, leave your worries behind, and allow yourself to feel the joy of freedom and escape. You will be hooked on spinning forever. It is our guarantee that each client who attends our classes will be welcomed and made to feel at home, regardless of their personal fitness level. It is our goal to challenge, inspire, and take you to a better place. We think spin. We live spin. We are spin.




Dana and Rory are a dynamic duo. Together they share a passion for the love of music and dance. The journey began when Dana and Rory met over 25 years ago and formed an instant friendship. Dana spent many years taking Rory's fitness classes as he grew to become a celebrity in the fitness industry in Toronto, eventually becoming Dana's mentor.

Many years later Dana herself joined the fitness industry, and as professional and personal changes came about this led Dana and Rory down different paths. As life would have it, some 25 years later, Dana and Rory reconnected by chance and found themselves working at the same fitness facility. Recognizing that their passion both personally and professionally hadn't changed in fitness they decided to partner and create Rocket Cycle.

The dynamic duo have since built a successful boutique spinning studio in the heart of the city of Toronto. Rocket cycle has a pulse and an energy that is contagious. Dana and Rory love what they do and want you to all experience that magic that happens here. Come take a Rocket Ride and make it your happy place.


Howard Rocket is an inspiration! He changes lives everyday by sharing his message of strength, courage and determination. 20 years ago Howard suffered a massive stroke from a head injury during a game of pick-up football. He was left completely paralyzed on his left side, however after a miraculous recovery where all the odds were against him, he managed to keep fighting for his life. Howard's attitude, passion and will to fight changed the lives of many but particularly his daughter, Dana Rocket. Always sharing a deep father-daughter bond and connection, Dana has since devoted much of her adult life to her father and his well being.

Dana's continued strength and determination through the inspiration of her father has led her to strive for continuous growth, ultimately leading her to open Rocket Cycle at the age of 39. Howard taught Dana that success meant to never give up, and through that came the birth of Rocket Cycle. Now, you can see Howard at the studio 6 days a week, on a special recumbent bike where they have the chance to finally ride together. Through this Dana and Howard share in the joy and happiness of living life to the fullest, sharing messages of hope and determination. Come take a Rocket Ride and experience the magic!