Doris Golden

I Sweat, I sing, I laugh, I cry, I focus, and I am strong!  A glimpse of what Rocket cycle means to me. Every ride is an opportunity to catch the addictive rush you feel while riding and an opportunity to release the baggage of everyday life.  It is an hour for me and only me!! Rocket cycle has pushed me to achieve what I never thought was possible. Every ride is a challenge, every ride encourages and motivates me to push beyond what I thought were my limits.  With Dana and Rory and the whole crew at Rocket cycle there really isn't a better ride anywhere!! It truly is more than just a ride!!

Morris Macdonald

Rocket Cycle Rocks It! I’ve been attending classes at Rocket Cycle since June 2014. It is an amazing work out! Prior to starting at Rocket, I had been inactive for an extended period of time. As many people know, if you are “out of shape” starting at any gym can be an intimidating experience. That is definitely NOT the case at Rocket Cycle. The team is welcoming, helpful and very supportive of new riders. I was completely comfortable in the spin classes at Rocket from the moment I started, working at my own pace without feeling out of place. Quite frankly, that is very unusual. I would like to thank Rory (the commander!), Ms. Rocket, Alison, Sari, Jordana, Sarah, Max, Stephanie, Scott and all the Rocket Team for providing an exceptional experience! The Rocket Cycle Golden Rule is “At Rocket Cycle, kindness counts. Treat others the way you would like to be treated.” The people at Rocket Cycle truly believe that and live it every day! Try it!

Jonathan Bright

& Sharon Au

We have been taking classes at Rocket Cycle for the past 6 months, and have noticed a distinct change in our attitudes to fitness. Both together and separately, we tried a number of different fitness options, and were never really able to find anything that consistently captured and held our attention. Rocket Cycle is different. Thanks to Rory and the rest of the team, we now (actually!) want to hop out of bed at least three times a week so we can start getting and staying fit. Looking forward to many more sprints and climbs in the upcoming New Year!

Shana Hillman

Until last year I had a hate-hate relationship with exercise. I had a monthly membership to the Goodlife for over eight years that was essentially an expensive coat check service. Last year I was wearing a tight size 22 and having to order my clothing from plus-sized retailers in the US. After dealing with elder care issues for the better part of the 2014 and being on the cusp of 40 (gulp) I joined Weight Watchers wanting to lose weight and extend my life (midlife crisis much?). In my youth, dropping weight was easy enough but this time the scale barely moved. I’d started biking to work, which I loved, but winter was coming and I’m a wimp. A friend then suggested I try spinning. I pass Rocket Cycle on my way to and from work and suddenly found myself buying their January promotion pass - five classes for $50. I was pretty confident in my cycling ability; At this point I was logging 5km rides on my 3-speed at least three days a week! Plus, I figured it was a bargain. The first class was terrifying! When it was done I got on the streetcar to go home and when we got to my stop I didn’t think I’d be able to get out of the seat – my legs were jelly. Classes two and three were not much better, but Rory didn’t give up on me and was gently supportive without being pushy. By class five I was really looking forward to them. Fast forward to now. I’m coming up on my one-year anniversary with Rocket. I spin 4/5 times a week. I’m down almost 50 pounds and am halfway to my goal. I just got a pair of skinny jeans from a “regular store” in a size 14. I don’t hide in the back anymore and my ass has never looked better! Every Rocket team member is friendly, supportive and helpful. From my greeting at check in to form corrections in class, I feel supported and encouraged. When I’m travelling for work or away on vacation I have anxiety about missing classes. Rocket is key to helping me maintain my new, healthy relationship with exercise and fitness. Because of my love of their spinning classes, I’ve had a complete life shift. Thanks to the team at Rocket I can see the finish line and know I am going to make it to my goal!

Trish Bongard

I have been attending Rocket Cycle regularly since October 2014 and I have taken about 85 classes and I absolutely love it! The desk and cleaning staff are friendly and helpful. The teachers are energetic, committed and each has their own teaching style and music. The studio is custom designed, very clean and fresh. The best thing is that Rocket Cycle is in my neighborhood and love that I can simply walk there! After every class at Rocket Cycle I always leave feeling better than before!

Cory Gosselin

Upon arriving to my first Rocket Cycle Spin Class this past September (2015), I was eager to see if the city hype could live up to expectations – my question was answered moments after stepping inside. I was immediately greeted with a warm smile at the front desk, shown the facility, and given a pair of Spin Shoes and a Rocket Cycle water bottle. As someone who works out 6 days a week, I still felt nerves rush over my body, as I had only been spinning 5 or 10 times before. Within 5 minutes of starting the class, I knew Rocket Cycle was special. The energy from the pumping music, lights, candles, and instructor washed over the riders like a contagion. It’s hard to put into words, but you can literally feel the energy of the instructor and riders accelerating you forward. Classes are consistently updated with new music, techniques, and each instructor brings their own flavour of Spinning into Rocket Cycle – There is something for everyone. From a fitness perspective, Rocket Cycle is one of the greatest workouts I’ve ever done. It combines high intensity interval training, core strength, and upper body resistance training into a 50-minute class. Without fail, I leave every class dripping in sweat, and having burned anywhere from 700 to 850 calories in 50 minutes. Since joining in September, I’ve lost 8 pounds, increased my cardio endurance, and in general have taken my fitness to a new level. Over the past 4 months spinning, I’ve come to the realization that fitness alone is not the answer. However, an amazing workout combined with positive reinforcement, motivation, and a true connection of mind and body will leave you feeling like the best version of yourself – This is something Rocket Cycle provides time and time again. This place is called Rocket Cycle for a reason.