This class is taught by:

Rory Pederzolli

A ride with Rory is more than just exercise.  Getting involved in fitness as a "child", his passion and love for music is reflected in the journey he takes you on.  He has an understanding of form and function that will challenge you - whether you're a newcomer or a long time rider. 
"Get ready to find that inner strength, passion, love and a big smile while your humming along or singing the tunes" Rory Pederzolli 

Jordana Mednick

Jordana has been in the fitness world for over 8 years. Her classes are inspirational, empowering and intense! Her passion for fitness has given her strength, courage, and confidence and for Jordana, it's all about giving what you've received.

Alison Beder Solway

Alison is an indoor cycling enthusiast and personal fitness trainer. She always challenges clients to develop a mind-body connection during their ride. Her music inspired, high-energy classes focus on cardio, building core strength, gaining confidence and having fun! Her classes benefit individuals of all fitness levels. A mother of four, Alison enjoys a full and vibrant life!

Sari Grossman

Sari has always been passionate about health and fitness. Growing up as a dancer, Sari was immediately was drawn to spinning because it’s like “dancing on a bike.” Her classes are fun, energetic and inspiring, empowering clients to achieve their full potential and fitness goals.

Dana Rocket

Dana has always believed in following your dreams. Believe you can and YES you will. She believes that the ride is only part of the journey. Through her love of music and dance, she inspires, motivates and connects with her riders taking them to a happy place. She challenges your mind, your body and connects to your soul.

“Take a Rocket ride and you will leave having laughed, loved and lived the moment”. Dana Rocket

Stephanie Williams

Get ready to experience a fusion of dancing, love for music and fitness together in a perfect package. For Stephanie, spinning at “Rocket Cycle” isn’t just about the bike; it’s about being in a place where people, great energy, machines and pumping music collide! If you are being taken to the limit in an insane sprint, losing yourself in a jog or digging down into a heavy hill, you will ride from deep inside and be sure to leave her class inspired and ENERGIZED!

Guilty Pleasure: BAKED GOODS!!
Favourite Colour: BLACK! (More of a shade than a colour, no?)
Favourite Movie: Purple Rain!